Rokugan is a dangerous place. Samurai have sworn their lives in defense of their Emperor, their Daimyo, their ancestors, their families and their honor. Risks abound from wars and clan conflicts to duels engineered by plotting courtiers to Scorpion plots. But the greatest risk is failure. Failure can be fatal in Rokugan. Failure to do your duty. Failure to be loyal. Failure to do as you say. Failure is the fear to do what it takes to succeed. And such dishonor must be cleansed through Seppuku.

But there are other darker dangers in Rokugan. Supernatural threats from Kansen to undead to lesser Oni to Gaki to Pennaggolon to Bog Hags haunt the countryside, preying upon the weak and unprotected. Unicorn magistrates seek out bandits, Kuni witch-hunters track down Shadowlands beasts that have penetrated the wall, Phoenix Inquisitors track down rogue Shugenja who have turned to blood magic and the Emerald Magistrates track down criminals, but none are equipped and authorized to root out these dark dangers from the countryside.

None, until now.

Brass Magistrates